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Why Us?

Thank you for your interest in opening a Fox & Bear Creamery™ store - we are absolutely thrilled about the prospect of working with you. With our unique branding, desirable product lineup and industry-leading licensee support, licensing with us is easier than you think.


Unique Branding

We are an upscale ice cream parlor brand inspired by the starry night sky - specifically the Fox (Vulpecula) and the Bear (Ursa Major) constellations. Together, these two animal constellations serve as the unique foundational pillars for our branding.

Desirable Product Lineup

At Fox & Bear Creamery™, it is our mission to create the most bespoke and innovative ice cream experience the industry has to offer. This is why we only utilize the highest quality ingredients and meticulously handcraft each customer ice cream to perfection. While our current focus is on liquid nitrogen ice cream, over time we intend to expand our menu offerings into other dessert categories.

Industry-Leading Franchisee Support

We provide some of the most comprehensive and economical licensee support in the industry. Some of our in-house support capabilities include: floor plan design, construction consultation, 3-D unit modeling, photo-realistic rendering and graphics design. We also provide licensee with low-cost on-site and off-site training options to make opening a Fox & Bear Creamery™ as attractive as possible.

Candidate Requirements


Market Selection

Select a market that is available and open for development

Choose a unit location that is near relevant demand generators


Some hospitality and/or food service management experience

Willingness to learn food service, construction management and marketing skills


Willingness and ability to develop multiple units over time

Liquid assets of at least $150,000 and net worth in excess of $250,000


A passion for customer service, efficiency and operational excellence

Desire to work with local community to drive brand awareness and sales growth

Fee Structure


Initial Licensing Fee


Training Fee


General Royalty

5% of Gross Sales

Marketing Royalty

2% of Gross Sales